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About us

Who are we?Our customer based-approach

We are an IT services company that provides comprehensive and customized solutions to business managers.

Our mission is to provide them services, advices and support them for the information technology.

Our technical expertise, combined with our knowledge of the IT market has allowed us to develop a unique expertise that we provide to our customers.

The development of our company iCone is primarily due to its ability to adapt to the expectations and needs of our clients regarding the constantly evolution of technological challenges.

Our wish is to build true and strong partnerships with our customers by providing them solutions in accordance with the highest standards. We also consider our employees as full partners. We want to provide them a healthy work environment which will be favorable to their development and to their careers.

In the field of information technology, each client is unique. Every company has its own personality. Heritage, resources, needs, strategies development are different from one organization to another. Not only are they different from one organization to another, they are as different from one department to another within the same company.

However, businesses have one thing in common. When they require the services of an IT provider, they want insurance to obtain services that match their needs with an excellent quality / price ratio and a solution provider who really knows their special abilities.

We offer a wide range of services to large and medium-sized enterprises as well as public and private organizations according of their budget criteria.

Our goal is to be recognized as a reliable and efficient and actor in the field of information technology.