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Microsoft announced Windows 10

The giant of Redmond introduced with surprise Windows 10 as its new operating system codenamed Threshold scheduled for mid-2015.

In its new form, Microsoft chooses convergence to attract a large number of users, professional as well as public. Indeed, this new OS will run on all possible screens available on both PC, tablet, smartphone … so there will be several interfaces and experiences for a family of products and one common shop application to all supports.

One platform for all screens…

With Windows 10, the start menu makes a great comeback; it will be completely scalable and therefore, it can change its shape and form. The famous tiles of Windows 8 will be contiguous to the right of the start menu and will be able to change position and size according to user preference. However, there are no big changes with the future Microsoft OS desktop; it will be more “classic” that will satisfy most fans of the older versions of Windows 7.

Scalable start menu..

For Terry Myerson, Head of Microsoft OS, It will bethe most comprehensive and the best operating system that the company has ever developed for its professional customers, hopefully to consolidate ,in the same way, its position in its core market: the corporate market.