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Be Safe

The end of support for Windows XP was stopped on April 8th 2014. What about your case?


Since April 8th, 2014, Microsoft was no longer provides updates or security patches for Windows XP. To ensure the sustainability and security of your information system, you need to quickly consider a user migration XP environment to a new Windows 7 or 8. Stopping support for Windows XP platform has important consequences. If the end of support is not critical, stopping the development of security patches is however a major flaw in the security of information systems. The end of the support is also a strong signal to the manufacturers and the publishers which, on their sides,will stop developing drivers and other associated patches.


Microsoft announced also the same for Windows Server 2003/R2 which will no longer be supported from July 14, 2015.

Migration to a new platform is needful.



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