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ICONE has a team of highly qualified engineers.  They are able to provide you with IT support on site, over the telephone and remotely over the Internet.

ICONE offers a full software support contract with a fully manned hotline, which where applicable  complements the manufacturers annual licence to give complete cover on your software.

We take great pride in our installation services and our abilities, always ensuring that the installation task is carried through to completion  and that full customer satisafction is achieved.
Due to our wide experience and resources, including our manufacturer’s support, we are in a strong position to resolve your on-going problems.  Our troubleshooting services are usually based on an initial free of charge visit to ascertain the nature of the issue which is then followed by our first fix visit.

Server Virtualization

Failover clustering

Using Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V with our powerful, resilient, scalable HP server range, we offer Hyper-V Failover Clusters. In its basic form this allows you to spread all your virtual servers over 2 or more physical servers. Should one of your physical servers require planned maintenance, the remaining physical servers can accommodate the load of the unavailable server with zero downtime.

IT Systems Administrator

Should one of your physical servers experience an outage, the remaining servers can accommodate the load of the unavailable server automatically with absolute minimal downtime (1-5 minutes).

Hyper-V Replica

With Microsoft Windows Server 2012, we can implement and manage Hyper-V Replica as a solution for disaster recovery between primary and replica site.
Create and run multiple computer operating systems on a single physical computer Host servers share resources with all virtual machines.

Server virtualization advantages

Hyper-V server virtualization allows full utilization of physical resources, and provides advanced technology to create a more robust, available, and dynamic server computing environment

The benefits of using Virtualisation in your organisation include:

  • Reduced Power Cost
  • Reduced Noise
  • Increase scalability
  • Much quicker process to restart or shut down a server
  • Memory and processor upgrades can be performed "remotely" from iCone
  • Lower Capital Investment than a traditional server infrastructure
  • An organisation can run their existing server infrastructure on latest, fastest and   most reliable hardware
  • Easy to migrate to loan / replacement server if required
  • Works in a cluster environment when high availability is required
  • The process of upgrading the hardware and upgrading software become mutually exclusive
Network Virtualization
Network virtualization allows to virtual machines to run concurrently, even if they had the same IP address information. You can create separate virtualized networks that use the same address space, and then run them concurrently on the same host.

Extending Virtualization to the Cloud Environment.

Why Is High Availability Important?

  • Server down time is unavoidable
  • Servers are not always available
  • Software or hardware maintenance or upgrade
  • Application and operating system updates
  • Component failure, power outages, natural disasters
  • Critical services must be constantly available
  • Goal of high availability
  • Make services available, even when failure occurst
Availability Downtime (per year)
99% 3.7 days
99.9% 8.8 hours
99.99% 53 minutes
99.999% 5.3 minutes

Microsoft Exchange 2013

Performing an Exchange Server 2013 deployement.

As new version of Microsoft’s email and collaborating suite, it offers many enhancements in architecture, functionnality, and features for both administrators and end users.

Deployment options for Exchange Server 2013

Exchange Server 2013 Versions

  • Standard
  • Enterprise

Client license (CAL) Exchange Server

  • Standard
  • Enterprise

Scénarios de déploiement

  • Deployment on a single server
  • Deployment on multiple servers
  • Hybrid deployment

Microsoft Azure

Share and store your datas with Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure Services:

Websites, virtual machines, mobile, and cloud services
Data Services
Data management, HDInsight, business analytics, backup, recovery manager.
App Service
Media services, messaging, BizTalk services, identity, caching
Virtual Network, Traffic Manager
Server integration

We currently recommend the range of HP Enterprise Gen9 for servers as they are extremely reliable, easily expandable and with full component support for many years.


It should not be underestimated the potential resource or knowledgeable that is required in the planning of your network infrastructure and in the event of any system failure.  DCS can provide Virtualisation Server Solutions and all network and telephone structure cabling installation services that your company requires.


iCone provides all network and telephone structured cabling installation services that your company requires and all our installations are labelled and fully tested along with full cabinet installation if required.